The Story of a Baron (The Sisters of the Aristocracy #1)

Linda Rae

Jeffrey Althourpe’s honorific, Baron Sommers, leaves him just inside the confines of the ton, which dictates he never work. But, with little or no income to support himself, he must find a way to live!  Shying away from hunting a wife just for her money, Jeffrey tries another route and anonymously writes a novel. Rushing to the bookstore on publication day to see the results, Jeffrey discovers someone else is holding the only copy left!


 Lady Evangeline is lonely, and so spends most of her days reading. Therefore, she isn’t about to give up her new book to a man who can assuredly wait for another copy.  But when the handsome Baron suggests the option of reading the book together, Evangeline decides a little excitement in her life is just what she needs and agrees.  The story, however, is oddly familiar and suddenly takes on a whole new meaning as the lady falls for the hero and Evangeline discovers the truth.


What a delightful and creative way to craft a plot-line!  Ms. Sande has deftly woven a story inside a story - the one the characters read together and the one they live together! While there is nothing wild and exciting, (no page turning, stress-inducing scenes abound) and it never delves deeper than the light and superfluous, the writing is smooth with a plot one can cozy up and easily enjoy as a pick-me-up, perfect for a few chuckles and a contented sigh before bed.


Ruth Lynn Ritter