Le Veque

This wonderful romantic adventure is set in the year 1291 A.D. at Castle Questing in Northumbria. Thomas de Wolfe has been set up in an arranged marriage that he wants no part of it — even though it will make him an Earl, with a huge army and several castles and also help his family immensely. When he meets his betrothed, Lady Adelaide,  his worst fears come to life. Despite her looks, he is spoiled, rude, and believes she can control the weather! Then he meets Lady Maitland, the woman he can truly fall in love with.  What can a great knight do when he despises his betrothed but finds himself falling for another? And, if that isn't enough to drive a man crazy, there is even greater deceit afoot!

Ms. Le Veque has written another page turner! Readers will thoroughly enjoy Thomas' adventures and delight in the surprising mystery that unravels when it is discovered someone wants him dead. The engaging and addicting storyline will have one sitting on the edge of their seat, cheering, crying and anticipating the outcome. Although the beginning is slow, and full of historical information, readers easily catch on when things when the mystery is introduced, life gets twisted and the fighting begins. Then, this is one that is almost impossible to put down!  Forbidden love and intrigue keeps the pages flying as characters and readers alike search for that happy ending.

Jodi Martines