Stolen by Starlight (Pirates of Britannia book 9)


Jacob McNamara, a.k.a. Dead Eye Jake, is a pirate who is soon to meet his match. When he raids a French ship bound for England with a lucrative cargo, his crew discovers a woman among the loot. It is not just any woman but the daughter of a nobleman. Seeing dollars signs flash before his eyes, he plans to ransom her. Amy Elizabeth DuBois is a stowaway, yet she is determined to return to France unscathed, until she meets Jake. The plot is hatched to return her to France and collect the money, but it is her heart that is ransomed in the process. Will Jake forsake the love of money for the love a woman?

Jake is a true pirate and a real man, with qualities that shine again and again. He is the rogue who wins the heart of both the maiden and the reader alike. Amy also delivers her brand of shinning qualities with a likability that is hard to ignore. She finds herself in a very disagreeable situation and handles it with grace, while staying strong and ultimately winning the readers admiration. She holds her own in a battle of wills with Jake, and the amount of chemistry between them is evident early on. When their steam level slowly reaches its boiling point, it is well worth the wait. Robbed of perhaps a longer read than one could hope for, and with few surprises, yet the story still manages to keep the reader’s anticipation hovering with each page. An enchanting tale that begins right from the prologue and continues to the end to deliver a swashbuckling romance with pirates and adventure.

Maggie Faria