Stirring up the Viscount


Trapped in an abusive marriage to a powerful and respected barrister, Theodora Ravensdale plans to fake her death and disappear into the country. When a house fire allows her to slip off into the night Theodora escapes to the Longley estate and settles into a position as the cook, where she hopes to go unnoticed. However, Theodora attracts the attention of the heir, Jonathan Tenwick. Jonathan knows there is something suspicious about the new cook but he can’t seem to help but desire her presence. When Theodora’s husband realizes she might be alive he begins to track her down and soon Theodora has to decide whether she must once again flee her past or fight for her future.


A slightly dark historical romance, “Stirring Up the Viscount” involves a mysterious (and of course beautiful) lady of good breeding who is having to hide as a servant and manages to attract the attention of a handsome lord. Naturally, the hero and heroine fall for one another even though she is not really free. The husband, Lucian is creepy in a suave kind of way, and the quirky side characters round out the cast.  The plot is well written if somewhat predictable and slightly darker in reference to how Theodora is abused which is made plain in the first couple chapters. Overall, another good read for any historical romance fan.


Sarah E. Bradley