Stealing the Heiress (The Kidnap Club Book 2)


Lady Rosamunde Stanley is the heiress to her father’s fortune and the widow of Viscount Rothmere. Rosamunde has a very overactive imagination and lives her life daydreaming of being something better. Rosamunde agrees to go to her aunt’s house in the country, but she is kidnapped by Marcus Russell. Rosamunde must save herself from Marcus but ends up getting hurt instead. When Rosamunde wakes up, she discovers Marcus abducted the wrong girl. Instead of dwelling on this, Rosamunde hires Marcus to find her missing uncle. As Rosamunde and Marcus attempt to solve the mystery of her uncle, the affection between them grows. Pretty soon, Marcus figures that maybe he didn’t take the wrong girl after all. Still, the feelings could end up endangering their lives and devastating them both.

This Regency romance tale is filled with suspense, deception and mystery all rolled into one! Unfortunately, the story feels jumbled, and the writing is uneven. The book’s disjointedness makes it hard to stay involved. Rosamunde’s penchant for daydreaming flows into the story, creating a very fanciful, whimsical style, making the dangers she and Marcus face feel hollow. Marcus appears mysterious, but his back story could be expanded upon for readers to really understand him. Marcus’s motives seem chivalrous, but are questionable and perceived as false. So just as Rosamunde can’t trust Marcus, neither does anyone else. The story still manages to be enticing and intriguing, definitely grabbing and holding the reader’s attention quite easily.

Roslynn Ernst