Stars in Their Eyes


Owen Matthews is in Paris, trying to make the right connections in the literary scene and get his writing noticed. It has been six years since he left Los Angeles and the love of his life to pursue success. When he takes on the task of writing a screenplay for his friend, he hopes that this might just be his big break. Iris Wong is determined to break through the racism and follow her dream of becoming a famous actress. When she is offered the leading role in a silent film, she jumps at the chance and is determined to do it well.  However, she is shocked when she comes face to face with someone she once loved — and he is working on the film too. Will their love rekindle as they chase their dreams?

This is a short, sweet read with good descriptions of 1920's Paris. The plot is two lovers who are following their dreams and come together when they are working on the same project. It moves at a brisk pace due to the short length of the book but it is still a very enjoyable read with a beautiful setting. Readers will be able to get through this book in one sitting. "Stars in Their Eyes" is a book that will leave readers feeling warm all over, and is the perfect mix of beauty and passion. Pema Donyo has written a well-researched and descriptive historical romance. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick