Starless (Executioner Knights Series)

Le Veque

Achillies de Dere and Susanna de Tiegh have a very tense relationship. Susanna refuses to bow down to Achillies which makes for the possibility they might kill one another. When Susanna discovers her brother may be involved in a plot against the King, Achillies is sent to help her investigate. Achillies grows fond of Susanna to the point he cannot get her out of his mind. He needs her more than anything else. When battle threatens both their lives and the land they live in, Achillies will do anything to protect the woman he loves. The woman who started off as an annoyance has become so much more.

Seriously awesome! Well written and sinfully erotic doesn't even come close to describing this offering from Kathryn LeVeque. With two brave and stubborn main characters who are at each other’s throats, the dialogue between them is so much fun to read, and when passion hits, readers will need some serious air con to keep cool. Fast plotting means the story never lets up, making this novel hard to put down. Fans of medieval romance would be crazy to let this one slip by unenjoyed and won't have any regrets delving into this world. Looking for an exciting story with well-written, searing love scenes and descriptive action scenes that run like a movie in the mind? Add this gem to your e-reader ASAP!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick