The Stage Driver’s Daughter (Tales from Big Country: A Western Stories Collection)

Krystal M.

WESTERN:  Winnie is a stagecoach driver, like her father before her.  However, after her father’s death, Winnie must disguise herself as a guy if she wants to carry on the family tradition. However, a friend of her father’s has hired someone to track her down, and unbeknownst to Winnie, he has found his target.  While searching for Winnie, Benjamin is worried sick about his brother, who has gotten himself in a heap of trouble with the law. But once Benjamin locates Winnie and sees how good she is at her job, and how much she loves it, he develops a deep respect for her. However, Benjamin may not be the only one who has figured out who Winnie is, which means her days as a stagecoach driver could be numbered.

This novella-length story is a sweet western historical romance set in 1869, Nevada. Winnie and Benjamin end up making a great team as they fight off stagecoach robberies and competition from other drivers. Their initial awkwardness is both humorous and charming. The plot is action-packed but a little short on emotional depth. However, the author still does a great job weaving the threads together, which is especially impressive considering the word count limitations. Overall, this is an adorable, fast-paced romantic adventure anyone can enjoy. It should be noted that, at the time of this writing, and in the spirit of full disclosure, this novella is only available in the “The Big Country: A Western Stories Collection” boxset.

Julie Whiteley