A Spy at the Highland Court


Knight Dedric ”Ric” Hage has almost completed his duty to serve King Edward I when he is sent on a mission to his native Scotland to spy on his kinsmen. The King has also reminded him not to end up as his father, who fell in love with a Scottish lady, renounced his allegiance to England, and died fighting for the Scottish. As fate would have it, he is instantly intrigued by Lady Isabella Dunbar, a beautiful Scottish lass serving in Robert the Bruce’s court.  Ric and Isa quickly develop strong feelings for each other and are only allowed to marry as part of a political plan of the Scottish King to use Ric as a double agent. The newlyweds must learn to trust each other and work together to ensure their marriage can survive the machinations of two kings intent on using their love and family connections for their own purposes.

“A Spy at the Highland Court” is an effortless, dreamy, and romantic read, perfect for a leisurely afternoon in a comfy armchair! Although the characters and the storyline are predictable, the author somehow manages to give each enough flair to keep readers interested in the outcome. The pacing drags in some places, but not enough to quell the curious from wanting to know what happens between two characters with such a combustible attraction to each other.  The spectacle and boredom of life at court is so vividly described readers will definitely feel the pinch of corsets and hear the buzz of titillating gossip. Author Celeste Barclay delivers a compelling tale with sprinkles of humor, passionate dalliances, historical intrigue, and relatable characters that readers will truly enjoy!

Tonya Mathenia