The Sprinter (A Series of Worthy Young Ladies #2)


Lady Heathway has been denied a long wished for daughter. So, she and five other matrons devise a scheme to launch eligible girls in need of assistance in Society. She sets her sights on Miss Grace Yardley, the daughter of the deceased Viscount Barlow, who lives in a dilapidated dower house with her sickly mother. The chance to have a season in London seems like a lifeline, but Lady Barlow has no intention of letting her daughter go without her, and Lady Heathway has no interest in bringing the girl’s mother along! Then Lady Heathway turns to her nephew, George Wade, Viscount Gresham, for a small favor, which brings Grace to London but leaves her with mixed feelings. To maintain the family’s reputation, George must prevent Grace from sprinting home, but the impossible lady seems to find herself only a step or two away from scandal, and it might take something drastic to change that!

A sweet historical romance, “The Sprinter” picks up shortly after the first book ends. The main characters are interesting and with a few layers that make them match well, but it is often the side characters that steal the show - such as the butler dealing with PTSD and the sickly mother and her dramatic letters. The pace is steady, and the plot is fairly straightforward with a predictable but enjoyable ending. While the story is not particularly unique, it does meet many of the standard points that will easily draw in lovers of Historical romance, such as a dashing lord, extravagant balls, and a petty villain, which makes it a great to-read book!

Sarah E Bradley