A Springtime Scandal (A Lord for All Seasons – Book 1)


Elodie Templeworth is the perfect daughter. However, being the only responsible one in her family is difficult, especially when she meets the very cavalier and handsome Christian, Viscount Brentford. Although intrigued with the lovely Elodie, Christian finds her boring and far too prim and proper—until he gets to know her better. When Elodie stows away in his carriage to escape her needy family, the two are forced to spend more time together than either of them planned. Will the close proximity prove to be a problem? Or will it only be the beginning of a love neither can deny?

“A Springtime Scandal” is a textbook Regency romance with all the expected scandals, uncompromising rules, and stiff personalities. What makes this story stand out is its use of family to add both character and humor to the story. Unlike most Regency era mothers who either hover or nurture, Elodie’s mother does neither. She’s just there a somewhat boring figure in the background. Elodie’s sisters, on the other hand, are anything but boring. They add a lot of personality and humor to the story that would have otherwise been plain. The fact that they rein in their personalities long enough to help their sister escape scandal shows that everyone, even these spoiled debutants, have big hearts. The story moves a bit slowly at first, but then picks up once Christian discovers her hiding in his carriage. As with most Regencies, it takes Christian a bit too long to realize he is in love, but then he eventually comes around. Fans of Regency romance will surely enjoy this story.

N.E. Kelley