Spirited Away - A Novel of the Stolen Irish


While on a beach in western Ireland, Frederica ‘Freddy’ O'Brennan and her sister, Aileen, are kidnapped by a stranger and placed on a slave ship bound for Barbados. After surviving the horrific voyage, they are sold at auction, separated, and purchased by plantation owners from different islands. Freddy finds herself left alone to endure the degradation and atrocities suffered by plantation slaves.  She endeavors to survive the frightening and debasing life forced upon her, while not giving up hope.


This dramatized historical romance chronicles the bitter trials that the Irish endured during Oliver Cromwell’s reign of terror. While this novel is based on truth, there is a strong romantic element running through it. However, this historical romance is neither  light-hearted nor for the faint of heart. The barbaric cruelty, punishment, and depravity imposed on the slaves is related in lurid detail.


Ms. Plummer's Novel of the Stolen Irish is a well-written novel with a story line that flows smoothly. While Freddy's life is harsh and at times hard to read, there are also positive elements. The reader sees the friendship and bravery between Freddy and Birdie, Freddie's strength and maturity, and her final triumph over all the obstacles of her life. This is not only a historical rendition of Irish slavery, but also a fictional novel that encompasses love, hope, and man’s ability to survive. “Spirited Away” is a remarkable story that will appeal to readers of many genres. Reader warning: contains rape, violence and graphic language.


Janna Shay