Spinster Sister (Lawless Ladies Book 1)


Helena Montgomery has a secret; by day she is a spinster, preparing her younger sister, Harriet, for the London season and keeping her younger brother in university. At night, Helena becomes a cloaked highwaywoman with five of her fellow female friends. This is the only way she can afford everything for her sister to have her season and her brother to remain in school. Helena knows she has never been pretty enough for anyone to take notice of, until Lord Sebastian Radcliffe, Earl of Stratford, sees her. As Helena is grooming Harriet for Sebastian, she secretly falls for him instead. Sadly, Helena knows that Sebastian could never be hers because of who she really is. Unexpectedly, love blossoms anyway, and it could destroy them both.

“Spinster Sister” is a mix of ‘Taming of the Shrew’ and ‘Robin Hood’ all rolled into one! The story moves smoothly, filled with clever verbal banter and comedy throughout. Elise Marion pens the beginning of a great new series with intriguing characters and unexpected plot twists that definitely keeps readers entertained. Helena, the full-figured feisty heroine, is just marvelous! She’s smart, sassy, caring and loyal. Helena will do anything for her friends and family which makes her so captivating. Many times, Helena could have confessed who she is, but it also makes sense why she doesn’t. Sebastian, the serious and indifferent hero, pales in comparison to Helena, yet despite his attempts at perfection manages to be overawed by Helena and become humble.  What a beguiling historical romp. A truly marvelous read!

Roslynn Ernst