The Spider and the Stone


Jamie Douglas is fighting with his friend Robert Bruce to drive the English out of Scotland and to see Robert crowned king.  They are overmatched in fists, but ahead in wits.  And that’s how they keep one step ahead of the enemy.  Jamie fights with a special purpose - he had a vision that he and his lass Belle will live forever in a Highlands Manor, with a large family and peace in the land.  Belle gives him courage, even as she lives a life of privation and unimaginable torture.  Jamie is forever choosing between helping Belle and staying by Robert’s side to rally the clans and defeat the English once again.  He is aided in his quest by the French princess Isabelle, married to the English king.  She is merely a convenience by which the king hopes for an heir, but he underestimates Isabelle greatly, and her determination to influence to succession.  

“Spider” is the gory telling of the Scotland’s brutal history of war with England.  The battle scenes are detailed and vivid, giving the reader a ringside seat at Scotland's desperate fight for freedom.  Jamie’s relationship with Belle is a sad telling of separation and disappointment, with the tragedies of war overshadowing any sweet tale of romance.  While the history notes are compelling, the repetitive battle scenes became somewhat monotonous.  “Spider” will hold readers in suspense, waiting to see if Robert can keep his crown, and Jamie can live with Belle in peace.

Victoria Z. Burg