The Soul of a Storme (The Storme Brothers Book 1)


At thirty-four, Sarah Copeland accepts her role as governess of her relatives' children. While she dreams of another life, there are few chances to step outside her world. That is, until she is nearly run down by the Earl of Hadleigh! Andrew Storme has banished himself away from his mother and brother, to battle demons that make each day a living hell. Like water upon a stone, the duties of his earldom and family weigh upon his soul. In Sarah, Andrew meets a woman close in age, who stands up to him. Even more, she manages to soothe the savage rage in his heart. Like a drowning man who has been tossed a rope, Andrew proposes marriage to keep Sarah by his side. Can Sarah provide the solace Andrew desperately seeks or will he destroy his one chance at love and acceptance?

Fans of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ will adore the fresh twist Sandra Sookoo has put on "The Soul of a Storme"! Sarah is strong and capable and the type of heroine that readers can immediately get behind. Andrew is much harder to like, given the rage that causes him to behave poorly towards others. Sarah is willing to take a chance on this fierce man whose mental health lies in the balance, which is why her decision at the climax seems out of character yet predictable. The climax also relies on coincidental timing to achieve its ends. Nonetheless, the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ motif is well orchestrated, and the epiphany Andrew goes through is touching. "The Soul of Storme" starts off an exciting, emotional series that will keep readers enthralled!

Tricia Hill