Song for Sophia, Rougemont, #1


Lady Anne-Sophronia Duncombe ran away from an abusive father who meant to use her to get out of debt. After fleeing and hiding for months across Europe she crosses to England and takes a job as a housemaid in a remote country estate. Rumors circulate that Lord Devon is insane, but she has yet to meet him and she doesn’t care if he is crazy as a loon as long as she is safe from her father. 


A war hero covered in scars acquired in service to his country. Wilhelm Montegue is not insane, only different. However, in 1867 England being different from the ton is not a good thing and his reputation on the battlefield does not help matters. When an upstairs maid is brought to his attention the mystery surrounding her is impossible for him to resist. Can two such flawed characters find love amid danger and deception?


Ms. Densley brings 19th Century England to life in vivid detail, but her greatest accomplishment is her deft handling of two flawed characters. Sophia is suffering what would be classified as PTSD today and Wil’s ‘illness’ is actually a high functioning form of autism that puts him in the category of savant. The reader can’t help but cheer them on as they work through their problems in an attempt to find happiness. The plot and pacing are a bit wobbly in sections, but the characters of Wil and Sophia shine so brightly that this story is one not to be missed!


Carol Conley