The Song of Love


Violet Farthingale never imagined she would marry for any other reason besides love. Unfortunately for her and Captain Romulus Brayden, they become betrothed after a bee attack places them in a compromising situation. With their honor on the line, Violet and Romulus give themselves a week to discover their feelings with a little help from “The Book of Love." The book has helped her family members find love in the past, so it must be able to help the unfortunate couple through this trying time. They must come together to discover whether the secrets behind true love are hidden in those pages, or if the delicate seeds of love were planted inside them from the beginning. 

Readers will fall madly in love with Romulus and Violet in this enchanting and witty tale! Meara Platt develops her characters in such a manner that the reader will feel as if they have become dear friends. Violet is unabashedly forward and speaks her mind in a way that will have readers chuckling throughout the story. Romulus is every woman’s dream man, as he is steadfast and kind almost to a fault. The pacing of this story is perfectly timed and never feels as if it is rushing ahead or dragging behind. The plot seemingly walks hand in hand with the reader, guiding them through the pages of this delightful story. The only fault one may find with this exquisite novel is that it has to end!

Jen Griffin