Song of the Heart (Medieval Runaway Wives Book 1)


Madeleine Bouchard finds the courage to run from her abusive husband to make her way home to France. She runs into two gentlemen, and to protect herself claims to be the wife of a dangerous Earl. Garrett Montayne is fascinated by the courage of the young woman before him, but he has his own demons to slay. They travel to London together, but Madeleine gives them the slip, leaving Garrett no closer to the truth of why the woman was pretending to be his runaway wife! Fate will bring the two back together and love will cast its net upon them. But secrets stand between them, as does the fact that neither is free to marry. Will their love die in the shadows, or is there a way for them to be together?

"Song of the Heart" will tug on the heartstrings as an abused woman and a distrustful Earl discover the power of true love! Madeleine is a delightful heroine with considerable ingenuity and compassion. Garrett is harder to embrace, but he loves his daughter, and while he wants Madeleine, he is motivated by the need to protect her. Secondary characters enhance the story in ways that will bring laughter and tears. While some readers may be disturbed by the fact that both characters are married, given the circumstances and time period, it is handled with sensitivity by the author. Madeleine's abuse may be a trigger for some, but it primarily happens off the page. Overall, "Song of the Heart" is an adventurous tale like those told by the troubadours of yore that will keep readers glued to the pages and yearning for more!

Tricia Hill