Solitary Horseman


Callum Latimer returned home after the Civil War with scars that would never heal.    The ranch he now owns holds only memories of the brothers he lost and a life that will never be.  When Banner Payne, his families' biggest nemesis, shows up broken, defeated and asking him to buy her ranch, Callum can’t bring himself to turn her away. Instead he offers a partnership to help her get on her feet again. 

Banner has known few kind words in her life as the poor, dirty daughter of the lazy Payne family, so Callum’s offer of a partnership seems too good to be true. With nowhere else to turn, Banner accepts.  As both fight to keep their ranches intact, a bond of respect grows and old prejudices fade.  Can love overcome the turbulence and pain that encompass both their hearts and the country they live in?

Now THIS is an example of American Western Romance at its very best!  It is stuffed with deep emotion, gritty reality and pitch-perfect plotting!  Not only does the author paint a beautiful and believable love-story that grows naturally but she tackles many social issues from the time period like racial and class prejudices in a way that brings awareness without preaching.  It is a book one can’t put down and will be remembered long after the last page is turned.

Ruth Lynn Ritter