Soldier In Her Lap


The Civil War is in its dwindling days when Lucas Grady shows on Sophia's doorstop with lead in his leg. She’s watched her friends marry and ride off into a happy sunset, but her life on a Georgia dirt farm is far from happy. Taking in the young, handsome man is a risk, but her dream of a soldier falling in her lap may have come true.

“Soldier in Her Lap”, elicits deep emotion, not from the romance, but the heroine’s abusive parent. Surrounded by men who abuse her physically and mentally, it’s doubtful she would trust any man. The town preacher is seedy and sadistic. Her father is an abusive drunk, and runs off anyone who comes to call on Sophia. Lucas’ character rings true as he evolves from a deserter to a man who wants to woo the beautiful Sophia by putting himself back on the front line. The author’s love for this era shines through with descriptions of places and mindset authentic to the times. The plot point used to move the story toward the black moment may cast disbelief. It’s doubtful Sophia would, after running away, turn around and allow her whereabouts known to the man who she ran from. Her actions don’t compute with a severely abused child of an alcoholic father, but then again, resilience is an element most young women possess. 

This colorful story with an easy to read pace plays out with the ends tied-up in a neat bundle and a happily-ever-after. 

Natasza Waters