The Soldier’s Seed (Southern Skyes - Book One)

Sharyn Bradford

A work of historical fiction and the first of a family saga, "The Soldier’s Seed" tells the tale of Nicholas Thomas, a soldier in the New South Wales Corps.  One of many sent out to settle the islands of Australia with colonists and criminals,  he loathes his life and is running from past mistakes.  He volunteers to leave Sydney Town and join Bowen to settle Van Diemen's Land.  Nicholas' love for two women - one a convict and later a native woman - changes not only his life but that of his decedents for generations. 

Spanning decades, Lunn brings Australia’s history to life among both the colonists and the original tribes that inhabit the islands.  An intriguing topic, and Lunn masterfully shows multiple perspectives of both fictional and real life characters as they try to build what eventually became modern Australia. The different prejudices are expanded on and are left open for further exploration as the saga continues. While Nicholas is not the most respectable character, his actions and interactions are well written and the story fully explores the history of not only the colonists, but also the whalers, sealers, aborigine tribes, soldiers, and children of both races. Readers will enjoy learning so much about Australia’s history and although the story does seem to drag on at times, it is still beautifully written and worth the read!


Sarah Bradley