Snowdrop Cookie Wishes

NOVELLA: A year after the Black plague devastates her 16th century village, Lissi Johansen finds herself longing for the cheer and hope of Christmases past. With so much of her family and village devastated by the sickness, finding peace and hope is a struggle. Remembering the magic of Christmas cookies, she decides to bake a single batch of her mama’s Snowdrop Cookies with magic wishes inside. But to do so, she’ll need some help. Ole Andersen is barely managing to provide and care for his remaining daughter after the loss of his wife and baby. When the Alderman’s daughter comes to his mill seeking a measure of flour, he finds his heart stirring for the first time in a long while. Can the magic in the Christmas cookies bring hope back to the village or will Lissi’s simple act do more than either of them expects?
A brilliant Christmas novella set just after life has dealt a devastating blow, this story shows us that hope is true magic given in the wrappings of service. Although the story is hindered by its length in giving the characters depth, it does an excellent job of taking the feelings of the characters, and their short interactions and building a successful picture of what people can do when they reach for hope. The main characters complement each other, and the conflict is minor while successfully encouraging the romance to build. Luckily, while the story is short and sweet, the light romance, and presentation of life and joy beyond drowning grief make this book a must read for this upcoming holiday season.
Sarah Bradley