Smolder on a Slow Burn

Lynda J.

WESTERN:  Allison Webster is on the run from a vicious man who won’t hesitate to kill in order to get what he wants. She’s not sure if she’ll ever feel safe again - and then she hops on a train and meets A.J. Adams.


A.J. has demons of his own. He was a Confederate officer, prisoner in a war camp, and a hero or according to some, a traitor. All he wants is revenge on the man in charge of the war camp, a man who abused him, who killed his family. He has no interest in a damsel in distress. No, really.


A fast-paced western romance that will hook a reader and won’t let go! But the truly outstanding thing about the book is A.J. and Allison.  Smart, strong heroine + tortured, honorable, loving hero = an incredible couple. 


A.J., A.J., what more can be said about him? After everything he has gone through, after all the pain fate has given him, he doesn't shy away from his feelings (and that’s brave). The way he loves Allison… As for Alison, that woman has guts to stand up for what she believes in, for the ones she loves. The only tiny problem with the book is the somewhat rushed resolution of their external problems.  The strength of the book lies in the characters, and not only the main ones:  for instance, A.J.’s friend Harrison and Harrison’s wife Rachel are delightful (and their story would be fascinating).  A stunning romance story that will make a romance reader sigh with pleasure!


Ana Smith