Slow and Steady Wins the Earl (Earls are Wild Book 3)


It is Patsy Crompton’s first season. But Patsy isn’t in a hurry to find a husband. She wants to enjoy her season and is looking for a love match. All that changes when she dances with The Earl of Ainsworth, Nicolai Morgan-Lloyd. Nicolai is Patsy’s polar opposite. He is a stickler for the rules while she is fun and pushes all the boundaries. When Patsy sets her sights on Nicolai, she is determined to win the earl of her dreams. As they form a friendship, despite his mother’s protestations, they find themselves all victims of a gang of thieves. And if they can retrieve his mother’s valuable fan, Patsy might win over his mother - as well as win the heart of the earl.

Patsy is a sweet, charming, witty young debutante with a heart set on finding love. As she works to woo Nicolai, she finds herself struggling to not be herself. But as she comes to find out, her true self might be just what Nicolai didn’t even know he needed. The chemistry between the two is palpable, and as Nicolai struggles to abide by the rules, he is ever tempted to court Patsy. The character development is terrific as they each come to know each other and themselves. As more background is revealed piece by piece, the motivations of Nicolai’s mother and other characters can be understood, and their heartaches and desires felt. A delightful read full of laughter, excitement, and the perfect mix of tears.

Cara Cieslak