Sleepless in Southampton (The Hellion Club Book 4)


On her own for the first time, Miss Sophie Upchurch is in trouble. She is to be a companion to Lady Parkhurst, but upon arriving in Southampton, learns the lady has passed. Walking back towards the inn, she is robbed and then the sky opens up and she is caught in a torrential rainstorm. Finally arriving, she sees Mr. Henry Meredith, who had ridden the coach with her. He soothes her by saying she can be a companion to his young, ailing cousin. Reluctantly, she agrees. She is suspicious of the restrictions the doctor has put on Philippa. She does not seem to be getting better, but gets worse and weaker by the day. Henry and Sophie take one of Philippa’s bottles of medicine to have it analyzed and find it is laced with laudanum, something Philippa’s father has forbidden Dr. Blake to use. Combined with the inappropriate examinations he subjects her to. Sophie wonders, “Is he even a doctor?”

“Sleepless in Southampton” is the vibrantly told story of the chance meeting of hero and heroine and the instantaneous love they feel. Henry is soft on the edges until he meets Sophie. She is strong, yet suspicious when things do not seem right. The other main characters are distinct and have depth, while most of the villains in the story all sound alike and are one dimensional. This includes Dr. Blake. So much more than it appears on the cover, Ms. Bowlin includes murder, mayhem, kidnapping, secret parents, deceit, poisonings and whirlwind romance all within a four day period of time! This is a page-turner that cannot be put down!

Belinda Wilson