Sky Tinted Water


Rory Hudson made the long journey to Minnesota to settle down and start a new life. It was a troubled time, as the country was in a bloody Civil War and the Dakota Indians were uprising in Minnesota. Isabelle, Rory’s sister, has healing hands and helps bring children into the world with Rory there to help her, until the fateful day when she loses a mother in childbirth.  The child’s father, Hiram, condemns Isabelle with his silence. From that day on he begins to badger Rory with his eerie ramblings. 

When Dawson Finch first laid eyes on the beautiful copper-haired Rory, he knew it was love at first sight. He builds a cabin in the woods for her and then proposes to her, and thus begins a beautiful life for the two of them. When they find out Rory is pregnant, it seems life can’t get any better. But Dawson feels the pull of loyalty to his country and decides to enlist and fight the Dakota.  Will Rory be safe when Hiram decides to take advantage of Dawson’s absence?


Keta Diablo takes the eternal love of a husband and wife and expertly weaves in the horror of war and death. Diablo helps the reader to understand the views of both the Americans and the Dakota Indians. Even though the story sometimes seems a little too predictable, the author paints characters that are sensitive to the plight of their neighbors as well as the Dakota Indians.  This is truly a beautiful story that allows for compassion as well as enjoyment!


Rose Mary Espinoza