The Sinister Heart


Whilst staying at the Hart Inn for a night, Lady Cecily becomes curious about a gathering of men meeting behind closed doors. Her attempts at spying leads to a misunderstanding when Lord Verne mistakes her for a woman of ill repute. Lord Verne whisks her away, only to discover she is the daughter of a duke!!   With her reputation on the line, Patrick and Cecily agree to a temporary engagement.  Patrick’s dark reputation, and the demons that haunt him, have convinced him, despite his friendship with Cecily’s brother, that she would be much better off without him. Love, however, may have other plans for this unlikely couple. 

Another winner from Mary Lancaster! This second installment in the ‘Unmarriageable’ series gets off to a rousing start, and maintains the momentum, all the way through to the surprising, heart stopping conclusion! Patrick is everything fans of the dark, brooding and flawed hero could ask for. Cecily is witty and unconventional, with a flair for placing herself in prickly situations. She keeps a positive outlook, believing in her man, even when he doesn’t feel worthy. The mystery of Patrick’s past is an emotionally compelling story, tinged with a mild paranormal element, making things even more interesting. The romance is a bit of a slow burn, as the couple remains committed to calling off their ‘engagement’, for much of the story. However, a worrisome ping on the angst meter eventually registers, keeping readers in nail-biting suspense. The well-crafted intrigue brewing in the background is the story’s strongest element. Overall, this is an excellent addition to the series!

Julie Whiteley