The infamous Silverhawk, Sir Giles of Cambrai, has crossed from Normandy to Britain with a message from King Richard to Lord Henry of Chauvere, but he is attacked by six outlaws when only a day away from his destination. Luckily, the bride-to-be of Lord Osbert of Langley is traveling to her wedding with a small armed party and Giles is rescued. Lady Emelin insists on transporting Giles to Langley, but after arriving he slips away to complete his mission. Encountering Lord Henry on the way to the wedding, Giles ends up back at Langley where he discovers evil and treasonous plots against both the King and Emelin. Kidnapping Emelin for her safety turns out to be a dangerous decision. Can Silverhawk foil a plot against the King and keep Emelin safe?


In an intricate plot involving greedy and traitorous men, a surprising romance blossoms between two disparate people. In 1197 England, married off to the best match in regards to money, power and/or land, a woman is a commodity at the mercy of her male relatives. Such is the case for Emelin when her brother needs money and he sets up her betrothal to a man old enough to be her father, but in need of a male heir.  Although a tad slow in the middle, with wonderful writing and colorful characters the reader is sent down a twisty-turny road of treachery and betrayal offset by a love match that is doomed by circumstance. A truly sigh-worthy historical romance!


Carol Conley