Silver Nights With You


WESTERN:  Gold Canyon spawned from the silver mines surrounding it and the miners calling it home. Morgan and Valentine Kelly followed the gold, and struck it rich with silver. Morgan wants to settle down and become a rancher, but Val is content to stay mining. Everything changes when a battered stagecoach arrives at the local boarding house. 


Lila Cameron and her father, Doctor Argyle Cameron survived the fray, arriving with a wounded man, and a need for rest and recuperation. As time passes the doctor deems that they will stay in the area, much to the joy of Lila’s heart, now completely taken by the affections of a special man. 


Westerns have always had a special appeal, and “Silver Nights” draws on every string of emotion that needs to be for a good adventure in the old west. A wild plot of mayhem, murder, and emotional madness keeps the reader on their toes from beginning to finish. The Kelly brothers are the men that dreams are made of: pure of heart, and pure man. David Gardner is the necessary dandy in the tale and he keeps you guessing. Ellie Cooper brings the strong, independent female role to vibrant life as the owner of the boarding house. The ensemble cast interacts so well, that even the appearance of Samuel Clemens makes sense. Yet, in the end what truly matters is the power of love. Love makes the world turn for those who believe, such as Lila and her true soul mate. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto