Silver (Heart of a Miner Book 1)

Krystal M.

WESTERN:  It's been four years since Clara Early’s father was killed, leaving her orphaned and living in Oregon City, Oregon with her aunt and cousins at the age of 14.  Life was happy and good for Clara until her uncle, the infamous Lester “Crooked Montgomery” returns home, demanding the money that Clara’s father left in trust for her.  Facing certain death from her uncle, Clara hastily packs a bag and flees.  When the dust settles, Clara has found herself in Silver City, Idaho where she immediately finds a job at the local hotel and catches the eye of fellow new arrival in town, Hal Horner.  An attorney by schooling, Hal has left his Philadelphia family and career to strike it rich in Idaho in an attempt to prove his worth to his parents after the death of his older brother.  Love blossoms between Clara and Hal in the cold Idaho winter, but when he sees her face on a wanted poster, he realizes she is not all as she seems.

Clara’s bravery and self-determination strikes a chord while her sweet personality makes her instantly likable.  Hal, however, is darker and, although he is determined, it becomes clear that mining is not his path.  The story between Clara and Hal is lovely as both strive to leave the past behind and build a new life together.  Unfortunately, the supporting characters lack distinct personalities and voices and muddle together.  Fans of the old west will enjoy this wild ride and anxiously await the next installment of the series.

Elissa Blabac