Miss Adelaide Johnston has always dreamed of being a writer, so when an opportunity to report for her small town’s newspaper shows up she is delighted. Not only does she get closer to her dream, but she is also helping her fellow citizens by keeping them informed about (mostly happy) events. It’s the not so happy ones that are giving her problems, but that comes with the territory. Luckily for the town, their own Sheriff Forrester is more than capable of dealing with any and all trouble.


The Sheriff is more than happy to keep Miss Addie up to date. He gets to spend time with her and maybe even make some progress on his courtship. If only the beautiful schoolteacher could stay out of trouble!

The book provides a vivid portrayal of small town in 19th century America. However, the story is somewhat spoiled by the character of Miss Adelaide. She is educated and naïve, but sometimes she appears childish and selfish. Her way must be best, and nothing else will do. It is a rather tiring aspect of her personality. The plot itself is intriguing, but some of the smaller arcs could have contributed more to the overall experience of the book. All in all, a promising story that would’ve thrived with more fleshed-out characters!

Ana Smith