Reviews - Historical

Traitor’s Knot

The year is 1650. The place, post-revolutionary England. Those who fought for the king are shunned. To be a priest or a Papist means death by hanging. Elizabeth Seton's father fought and died for the crown. Now, alone in Dorset, her last best option is  to live with her Aunt Isabel. On her way to Warwick a highwayman stops the carriage.

MEDIEVAL:  In hopes of gaining her father’s approval, Spring Gunn strives to become a warrior.

This sweet historical romance takes place in 1800s Abilene, Kansas, a town known at that time for being quite rowdy. Lydia Vaughn returns to her hometown as the  new schoolteacher. She is a kind woman, a bit stubborn and  a little insecure due to a leg injury.

Meredith Talbot has a secret. In fact, all of the orphans at Seaton House have secrets. They all have abilities that set them apart from others; talents that would label them as witches if anyone ever found out. Meredith is responsible for keeping the children safe. It's a task she’s always been good at, until marauding Indians force them out of their home and to a nearby fort.

Georgina (Lady Archer's Creed #2)
Amanda Mariel,
Christina McKnight

VICTORIAN:  Lady Georgina feels as though she has been forgotten by her father since he remarried and his new Duchess banished her to a finishing school. She finds new purpose making friends at her new school and becoming a member of the Lady Archers gave her purpose.