Reviews - Historical

Dark Heart
Elizabeth Ellen

In Rome, in the year 235 AD, a series of ritual murders of young boys recall past memories of the wicked emperor Nero. The mystery begins when a kind physician is murdered. He held  a secret scroll that points the way to a cult. His slave, Kyrna from Britannia, is in search of this document after the murder of her mentor.

A Road Paved in Copper
Angela Christina

Abandoned at an orphanage as a young girl, Ava De La Vega had little in the way of opportunities. As she grew she learned to thrive in a man’s world, and now is a force to be reckoned with.  Ava owns some of the richest mines in Nevada, which produce gold, silver, and copper.

Tempeste Guillotine lost her mother to the hangman's noose. In a time of dissention and revolution, she seeks her own personal style of revenge on the streets of Paris. As she wages  war on her father for failing to save her mother, she chooses to live in squalor on the streets. Her only solace is in a convent visiting Sister Josephine.

The Firstborn

Sophia Brixton finds her hands full of responsibility at the tender age of nineteen. After losing both her parents to illness a few years previous, her younger sister Lucy abandons Sophia, leaving her infant son George behind in her older sister’s care.

Aimee Prentice comes to the bustling town of Dry Bayou with a heart full of hope and stomach full of butterflies.  A mail-order bride, she has never met Gaston Mosier, her husband to be. From the moment they meet on the train platform, emotions stir in both Aimee and the wickedly handsome Gaston that they have never known before.