Shining Knight (Gentlemen of Knight, Book Five)


Lady Eugenia Knight is the only girl in a family with five children. Now that all her brothers are married and with her best friend also married, it’s her turn to tie the knot. But being the youngest, it has become more of a chore for her family than anything else. She finds herself the topic of gossip. Graham Tinsley has been helping Eugenia get herself out of trouble for quite some time. She is most definitely a handful. He is tasked with chaperoning her, but then there are individuals in the background who are trying to orchestrate a marriage between Eugenia and Graham. Will Eugenia finally find a marriage and happiness like her brothers have? Or is she doomed to spend her life alone?

Elizabeth Johns has written an historical romance that readers will fly through as it is the true definition of a fun and fast read. Eugenia is a character that some may find difficult to connect with however. She can be quite childish and there are sometimes when her behavior is just completely out of context with the time in which the book is set. It is an amusing story with an entertaining plot and great characters. The dialogue is well written for the time and there is a general feel good aspect to it. All in all, this is a really good novel and a great addition to the ‘Gentlemen of Knight’ series. There will be temptation to go back and read the other books for those that haven’t already.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick