The Sheriffs of Savage Wells

Sarah M.

Paisley Bell dearly loves her small town of Savage Wells.  So much so that she agrees to be the acting sheriff until a “real” one is found.  As the candidates arrive in town, however, Paisley realizes that she truly has found her calling and knows she can do the job just as well as any of them, so she throws her hat in the ring.  


Famed lawman Cade O’Brien is tired of the high-risk stress that comes from chasing down the worst in the West, so when the opportunity to become a small-town sheriff presents itself, he applies.  Little does he know that his most qualified competitor would be a woman!  As crazy as she seems, Cade can’t fight the facts - or his attraction.  But, when real danger comes calling, Paisley and Cade must find a way to work together to save the town and their lives!


If one thinks this a far-fetched idea for a Western, think again!  Ms. Eden creatively breathes realism and life into what could have been a highly unlikely premise.  She has taken a strongly ambitious woman who truly wants to do something worthwhile in her life and places her against the prejudices of the time.  Paisley and Cade’s characters are sympathetic and believable but lack any real depth, however.  And, while the story-line is great fun and rarely succumbs to cliché, it slows a bit in the middle and the ending is left without a satisfying resolution on Paisley’s part. Still, it truly is a refreshing and delightfully unique twist to the Western genre! Kudos Ms. Eden!


Ruth Lynn Ritter