The Shepherd’s Daughter (Dry Bayou Brides Book 1)


Isolation caused by circumstance is a fact of life for children growing up on a ranch, but when Ray MacAdams arrives on the Ducharme ranch she becomes Billy Ducharme’s best friend for life.  After years of growing the ranch and surrounding area, the Ducharme family decides Billy needs a bride - and if a mail order spouse was enough to make his father successful, a surprise mail order bride should be good enough for Billy. This is the way his parents see it…but Billy isn’t so sure.  Ray and Billy suddenly see each other in a different light, not just the siblings they have felt like for years.  Will the mail order bride come between them? What would a wedding mean to his relationship with Ray?  Can she ever be more than the Shepherd’s Daughter?


Sweet tale of love, loss and childhood sweethearts, “The Shepherd’s Daughter” will leave both seasoned and new readers seeking out future installments to this original new series based in the Texas old west.  The conflict of parents interfering with children’s plans is an age-old dilemma that all readers can relate to and will give readers the sense of well-placed angst.  However, the predictability may cause some readers pause.  Ray is a spitfire; an independent lass that readers will root for in this underdog story.  On top of good looks, Billy has grown into a man’s-man, full of southern charm and manners that have been drilled into him for all of his life, and many readers will sympathize with his meddling mother.  Perfectly well written, readers will appreciate the charm of this tale.


Jordyn Teel