The Sheik Retold

Victoria Vane
E. M. Hull

Diana Mayo is an uppity socialite who is finally old enough to be out from under her brother’s thumb. She plans a month-long adventure in the French Algerian desert - a risky venture for anyone, but especially a female in 1920!  Of course, she is soon abducted by Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan.  After seeing Diana at a party, he decides she is what he wants to slake his desire for as long as it takes to tire of her. He rules with an iron fist, and no one is above his one!   When Ahmed discovers just how headstrong Diana is, he doesn’t force himself on her, but makes her realize the sooner she gives in to his desires, the sooner he will tire of her.  But will he?


Victoria Vane has taken the classic romance novel “The Sheik”,  by E. M. Hull and rewritten a more modern, steamy version. She has taken the original characters and deftly woven them into wonderfully deep and interesting ones. Even though the story hints of the classic Stockholm Syndrome, Ms. Vane succeeds in helping the reader understand and truly believe a captive person could fall in love with their captor. This story is intense, and at times violent, but never quite tips over the offensive line. “The Sheik Retold” is one very hot and sensual story that will leave it’s reader steaming under the collar, and craving a Sheik of their own!  Kudos on a re-write well done, Ms. Vane!!!


Tonya Smalley