Sheep’s Clothing


WESTERN/HORROR:  Nathaniel Meadows is the new doc for the town of Salvation. He treats the typical illnesses of the times; building his reputation among the townspeople, until the night Wolf Cowrie appears on his doorstep. At first he thinks his patient is simply mad with the pain of his injuries, but he learns that things are not always as they appear. Wolf tells the tale of a vampire who plans to purchase the town of Salvation and will make it his private larder, feeding on the townspeople while turning others into vampires. It is up to Wolf and Nathaniel to save the town from this disaster - two days' ride from any help from the outside.


This is a unique vampire tale in that it reverts back to the old myths of vampirism. The vampire is filled with the bloodlust of old. The storytelling itself lacks much because of the refusal of the author to make use of the “ll” in words such as fall and all, making them fal and al. This omission makes it hard to keep focus while reading the novel and turns it into an exercise in proofreading rather than an enjoyable reading experience. Wolf comes from parts unknown, yet it is interesting to note that he has the same accent as the people in Salvation. This is too much of a stretch for the imagination. With corrections, this could be an intriguing introduction into the world of vampirism.


Belinda Wilson