ShadowWolfe: Sons of De Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack #8)

Le Veque

Scott de Wolfe is a career knight hardened by the loss of his wife and children. Now called the "Black Adder", he has become a merciless soldier feared by everyone. On orders of the King, Scott goes to Castle Canaan to take over after the death of the former lord, who was killed by an arrow meant for his Liege.  Scott takes over the castle, but is completely unprepared for the Lady Avrielle du Rennic. 

After her husband Nathaniel's death, Lady Avrielle fell into despair. She blames Scott for his death and is less than thrilled at his arrival. However, he is much different than she expected. Not only is he kind to her, but also wonderful with her children. As Scott and Avrielle figure out their emotions, betrayal threatens everything they hold dear.

Ms. Le Veque pens a heartbreakingly beautiful story! Both Avrielle and Scott have experienced tragedy that affects them in different ways. Scott tries to ignore the pain, while Avrielle is consumed by it. These tragedies bring them together. They realize that they are not alone and learn to heal.  The story flows well. Although obvious from the beginning what the outcome would be, Scott and Avrielle have amazing chemistry that will keep readers glued to the pages. Not only is "ShadoweWolfe" romantic, but there is also plenty of action, with amazingly descriptive battle scenes. The historical background is very accurate. This period in England was chaotic and the author does a great job showing the upheaval. Overall, this was a wonderfully romantic and intense novel with depth and emotion!

Amanda Hupe