Shadows of Asphodel (Shadows of Asphodel #1) Karen Kincy


PARANORMAL/DIESELPUNK?:  Ardis, mercenary for the Archmages of Vienna and a fugitive from America, hides under a false name seeking her father. Wendell, a necromancer with the Order of Asphodel, is a fugitive from those who would control him and his magic. Konstantin Falkenrath, Archmage working on Project Lazarus, seeks the aide of both Wendell and Ardis in the interest of forward progression in science and magic. Aided by their enchanted blades, Chun Li and Amarant, and their quick wits and battle-tested skills the three will become an odd trinity in the ancient, ever-existing battle between good and evil. 


Life is far from easy when you must hide your true self behind a mask of indifference and lack a solid identity. Ardis and Wendell have both carried such a burden from a very young age. Brought together in battle as combatants, they develop an odd kinship to each other that blossoms into an unlikely love affair. The blend of the death magic with a human was a tad tough to swallow, but Ms. Kincy constructed such an intense tale that the reader will be completely drawn in by the characters and the bizarre plot. From automatons melded with the magic of a necromancer, to a necromancer who only wants to live a solitary life, questions abound, yet never need a solid answer. Pure adrenalin-based adventure and brilliant romance make this a tale for the ages. Discovering that this is only the beginning of the adventures of the characters is a brilliant surprise!


Penelope Anne Bartotto