Shadowed Hawk


Aidan McGregor has always been content with his life as second son. His ability to move in the shadows has made him a formidable spy.  His intellect has helped him secure others like him - forming strong “nests” of informants who keep the clan strong and secure its safety.  Unfortunately, that makes Aidan a man that cannot marry.  Without a life he can call his own or a place to make a home, it is impossible...until a small fragile bird in the form of Kenna MacLean joins his nest.


Kenna has known nothing but brutality in her life.  Escaping a marriage that would surely be her doom, Kenna runs and stumbles into the most fortunate of opportunities - one that will keep her identity hidden IF she can find the strength to fight.   That seems the least of her worries, however, when her heart refuses to forget the man who saved her.  As danger grows deadly, both Aidan and Kenna must decide what is more important:  loyalty, family and country, or love and the promise of happiness.


For anyone who loves a rich Scottish tale with tidbits of history deftly woven in, Ms. Loch is a master!  The writing flows effortlessly, easily keeping the reader enthralled and turning the pages.  Aidan’s reasons for not marrying are a bit weak and unbelievable yet play a large role in the story.  This and a few other perplexing situations that don’t quite pass the believability scale are all that keep this engaging read from garnering a rousing  five stars.  Even so, it is a thoroughly enjoyable ride through Scottish history - with love!


Ruth Lynn Ritter