Shadow of the Corsairs (Heart of the Corsairs, #3)

Elizabeth Ellen

Morwena Gambino’s father has become forgetful, and since he has disowned both of her brothers, it is up to her to save the family business. When she gets the opportunity to work with Kit Hardacre’s crew, and buy and sell their goods, it is too big a chance to miss — if she can trust them, and if her brothers do not get in the way. Tewodros “Jonathan” Afusa wants revenge against the Corsairs who slaughtered his wife and children and held him captive. Once an Ethiopian prince, joining Hardacre’s ragtag crew seems like a last resort, but when he meets Morwena in Palermo, who is so different from his late wife, he finds that his revenge might have a cost after all. When secrets and betrayal come to light, Morwena and Jonathan will have to decide what future they want and what they will risk to get it.

A romantic adventure, “Shadow of the Corsairs” is the third book in the Heart of the Corsairs series, but is also the prequel tale. It is set in the early 1800s, and features pirates, princes, slavers, lords and ladies and more. The romance between the Sicilian business woman and an Ethiopian prince turned pirate makes for an interesting read, as it gives backstory for the first and second books, and then has Morwena and Jonathan’s romance as well. The conflict itself is rushed and the overarching revenge story does not play out here, but as a prequel it has a great deal going for it, and the characters, setting, and story are all intriguing enough that fans of historical romance and pirates will want to try this one.

Sarah E Bradley