A Shadow’s Kiss (Shadow Guardians #2)

Kirsten S.

Madeline is on her way back to the highlands after living for years with her maternal English uncle, a Baron, with the Baron’s Knight, Alexander, is hot on her trail.  Her English family has no idea that her own father is responsible for her sudden departure. A border Scot, but an English Knight makes for a large target on Alexander's back, though he tries to hide it, as he is talked into a tournament to win Madeline’s hand. Being the winner isn’t an option, but his heart’s desire, and the only way to keep her safe.


Wonderfully and realistically set in Scotland, just as Robert the Bruce dies and the country is thrown into more chaos, this highland tale won’t just reel you in with a sassy, strong, yet feminine heroine and a strappingly hot hero, but will overwhelm your senses with insanely bright characters.  "A Shadow's Kiss" is full of quirks, humor, and seriousness fit for any king, or laird to bite into and be fully satisfied. Madeline's father is manipulating, but not in evil, and the reader will be on his side while cheering the champion on. A few scenes could be a bit less lengthy, and the bad guy a tad less obvious, but overall a well choreographed hunt for love. There must be previous books in this series as there is history with the Baron and Alexander alluded to, and more than one brother of Madeline is mentioned although only Angus plays a role in this story, however the reader will not miss anything by not being familiar with anything previous. In fact, a smart reader will run out to buy the entire series!


Julie York