Severed Knot


When English soldiers raid her family farm, Mairead O’Coneill’s is sold to slavers and ends up on a Barbados sugar plantation. She meets Iain Johnstone, a Scottish prisoner who is determined to help his men escape. They find solace in one another’s arms and their determination for their freedom turns them into fugitives. Their fight for survival will test their relationship to the limits. Will they gain their true freedom and get their happily ever after?

A fantastic historical romance that is well researched and filled with adventure, "Severed Knot" is an exciting thriller that takes readers on a wild ride! So many emotional moments pull the reader in and refuse to let go until the last page. Cyrssa Bazos has most certainly researched the era and politics of the time she is writing and this adds realism to the novel. A fast-paced plot with varied characters and accurate dialogue, there are some places that could have used more detail. Despite this, there are so many good points and the romantic aspect is beautifully written and expertly expressed. “Severed Knot” is one of those novels that will be read repeatedly and it will still feel like the first time — a truly unforgettable gem of a historic novel. Ms. Bazos is an author to keep an eye on and one to add to the reading list. Readers will not be disappointed.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick