Serpents in the Garden (The Graham Saga #5)


In this fifth installment of the Graham Saga, Alex and Matthew’s family is growing and things are settling down - or so they think, until word comes that their son Jacob has absconded from his apprenticeship and sailed off to see the world.  In doing so, however, he rashly left a young bride to suffer the consequences of his choices.  

Their oldest son, Ian, is also facing some life changing choices that threaten to break their hearts as betrayals are discovered and decisions must be made.  All, while fighting to keep the plague that is the Burley brothers from destroying them all!

For anyone who has read earlier books in this warm and endearing saga, this story is delightfully more of the same.  Readers will be immediately immersed within this strong and loving family as they struggle to stay together amidst the hardships of early frontier life.  Because of the continuing nature, this story does not stand easily on its own, as the beauty of the experience weaves itself throughout the series as a whole.  The depth in the relationships are a joy, their trials are realistic and their experiences common yet heart rending at times.  The Burley brothers' repeated threats do become redundant, as they always start and end the same with no real progression. The overall arc of the story is also somewhat blurry, but the sheer beauty and joy in the reading eclipses all.  For pure historical enjoyment, this series is definitely a must!

Ruth Lynn Ritter