Le Veque

The year is 1283: Kind Edward I is determined to conquer the Welsh uprising and take all of Wales for his own.  Only one man stands in his way.  Bhrodi de Shera, “The Serpent”  is a powerful and dangerous fighter as well as a descendent of both Welsh and English Royalty.  Hoping to win his loyalty, Edward barters a deal for peace with his most famous and powerful Knight, de Wolfe, for the marriage of his daughter to de Shera.  However, that daughter is no submissive beauty, but a trained and deadly warrior in her own right.
Lady Penelope de Wolfe does not want this marriage!  She wants to stand by her father and conquer, she wants to fight!  Unfortunately, she soon discovers how little her desires matter when peace is at risk.  Surprisingly, Penelope finds Bhrodi to be a kind and just man underneath his extreme arrogance.  With betrayal at hand and lives at stake, however, Penny must choose sides, risking her life and lives of her loved ones in the process.

Once again, Ms. Le Veque has crafted a story that is both riveting and touching.  While some of the “serpents” plot-line  and Penelope’s antics stretch believability, the story flows effortlessly. The emotions are written with such touching depth the action is gritty and exciting and historical facts weave intricately throughout.  There is no doubt that anyone desiring a scrumptious romance amidst an enlightening historical backdrop will have a feast to devour - right along with the serpent!
Ruth Lynn Ritter