The Sergeant and the Girl Next Door

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As a teenager, Faith Penwilliger lost both her brother and father during WWII. Faith had to grow up fast in order to learn her father’s business in order to keep herself and her mother surviving. Four years later, she is a competent boss at her father’s brick company, but the ravages of war have changed her… and the main reason for those changes is arriving home. Davis Wilson spent four years fighting for his country and has lost not only his innocence, but his best friend, Patrick, and his happiness in life. The one bright light is Patrick’s sister, Faith. But Davis soon discovers that the little tag-along he so loved has grown up and seems to hate him. No matter how hard he tries, however, he cannot deny that fiery woman might be the only thing that will save him.

A lovely, nostalgic romance that deals with the aftermath of war in a small town! The story’s strength lies in the beautifully penned descriptions of life in the 1940s, its music, its people and its challenges. Faith, Davis, and the other delightful characters almost jump off the page! The biggest drawback to a rousing five stars is in Faith’s mercurial personality.  Her character is described as kind and sweet but every action where Davis is concerned is the polar opposite of that description.  She comes across as terribly rude, and surprisingly immature. This makes it almost impossible for the reader to connect or even like her. Davis, however, is any romance-lovers dream! His loyalty, kindness and devotion shines throughout, and keeps the reader aching for his happy ending… which is truly wonderful, indeed!

Ruth Lynn Ritter