The Sentinel (Legends of Love #3)


When his lover betrays Turi, his entire village dies. His immortal father passes judgment on him: he is to live for 13 centuries with the guilt of the deaths he has caused. Only then will he become mortal. He lives out his sentence alone, wary of making any lasting connections, until he meets fugitive Cristen St. Clair. He falls in love with her and will do anything to protect her. The men pursuing her are ruthless; the will stop at nothing to return her to face justice for a crime she did not commit. While they are on the run, the Black Death comes to England, threatening everyone. As Turi becomes mortal again all he wants is to protect Cristen and help her find her son, even if it takes his last breath.

"The Sentinel" is emotionally provocative and intricately detailed. A compelling love story, the book features an admirable hero who oozes strength, power, and integrity. His love interest, Cristen, is feminine and responsive to his pursuits while being the perfect damsel in distress. The intertwining of the two is deliciously sinuous. The supporting characters are distinctive and add depth to the story. Avril Borthiry's vivid prose lends itself well to the world she has created here. The third installment of the Legends of Love series, "The Sentinel" is fast-paced, densely plotted, and well worth reading.

Jessica Samuelsen