Sense of Touch (Love and Duty at Anne of Brittany’s Court)

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Queen Anne of Brittany mentors girls and teaches them the fundamentals of being the wife of a noble; which includes being gracious about the husband that one’s family has chosen for them. Anne herself marries under those circumstances and has made the best of it. One of the girls that Anne has taken under her wing is Nichole. While Nichole is at court, she is summoned to help with the horses and she meets Philippe, a commoner, and the love of her life. Her father is determined for her to wed a noble, but she wishes to marry for love. How will she fulfill her duty to crown yet be true to her heart?


This is an exquisitely written piece that eloquently describes Anne of Brittany, Queen of France, as the gracious and kind, yet shrewd monarch that she was - a woman before her time. The language is very descriptive and one can almost smell the hay in the barn and see the sunrise and sunsets. The historical facts are clear and concise and the fictional characters only add to the historical story. The only blemish in the novel is that there are missing words and extra words sprinkled throughout the piece that interrupt the flow of the story. This is a very realistic piece that leaves the reader yearning to read more about Anne and Nichole, because there is very obviously more to their very rich lives.


Belinda Wilson