Seeks For Her


WESTERN:  Divorcing her husband may have gotten her shamed in much of society's eyes but it gained Rebecca Turner freedom and peace of mind for her children's safety. The only person who is perhaps more shunned in this small Montana town is Native American Dr. Thomas Smith, known as "Seeks For Her" to his people.  When an unknown sickness sweeps through many of the town's children, some townspeople try to shut down the local swimming hole, thinking maybe it's the culprit.  But Thomas knows differently and he and Rebecca begin an uphill battle against judgmental bigots and those with ulterior motives.  Meanwhile, they realize the intense attraction to each other gets stronger every day.

The subject of a divorced woman at a time when women had so very few rights is not one often visited in the Historical Romance genre.  Add in the complication of an educated American Indian physician, and you get one heck of a forbidden love story!  However, the short time frame of this romance leaves that aspect of the story feeling extremely rushed.  The conflict between the townspeople and their prejudices, and Rebecca and Thomas was enough of a hurdle.  There was a lot going on in this small town and these two got very little down time together in order to build their love story.  Still, Rebecca's grasp at happiness and Thomas' patient and loving, protective nature make them a couple to root for.

Nicole Duke